MuscleFood – a review

by misterhawkes on April 19, 2016

When I first heard of MuscleFood I was dubious. I’m not a bodybuilder – I have no interest in developing arms the size of a small elephant and was unsure about buying food from somewhere that seemed to promote this lifestyle. When I first told my wife she thought it was a sea food website – took me a minute too but hey we all think differently!
But I had heard good things from a friend and I do love meat so put in an order for their new customer pack. 


To say I was impressed is an understatement. The quality of the meat and the value was unbelieveable!

The chicken breasts are massive, don’t shrink when you cook them and are delicious. The steaks succulent and I can even get my head around the chicken sausages.

In fact I was so impressed that We have started using it for 90% of our meat purchases and have become evangelical about it to anyone who will listen – you included!

I have found it exceptionally useful for my triathlon training as I am trying to drop weight and get lean. It’s not just this try-athlete though as Muslcefood comes with endorsements from several British Olympians.

Wife just loves it because the meat is good quality and is well sourced with all lean meats coming with Red Tractor standards met.

They also supplly several top British Restaurants, without added water or salt delivered direct to your door. The meat is never frozen, always fresh and classically butchered on day of dispatch.  

Don’t take my word for it though – try the New Customer offer and see for yourself!

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misterhawkesMuscleFood – a review