Not my strongest suit

by misterhawkes on January 15, 2016

Fashion was never really something i paid a lot of attention to growing up. I was a boy who loved wearing tracksuit bottoms and a football top. Mostly because I would spend all of my spare time playing football. If I wasn’t playing football I was playing another sport or watching football.

Then I got into music so I defaulted to jeans and hoodie. I was not one of the ‘cool’ musicans. I was a scruffy and unkempt mess. The more holes in my trainers and jeans the better!
TopMan intimidated me and so I would run in, buy a plain t-shirt and pair of jeans and run out.
So when I started dating my now wife she would despare at my apathy toward clothes.
Over time I have come to appreciate fashion more and more. But I would never say I was stylish. I wish I was stylish but I am not.
However what I wear and how I wear it does have a massive impact on how I feel about myself and my ability to do whatever is at hand. Clothes are a uniform. Always. If I am working I need to wear something reasonably smart and office like. If I am at home with the kids I cannot wear a shirt. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I need to be relaxed and ready to play.
Another thing I have found with fashion is the more you wear something the more comfortable you become in it the more it feels like a second skin. I have definately found this with Suits.
When I first started working in Finance I had never owned a suit before. That first day I was so intimidated and uncomfortable standing in the entrance to a giant sky scrapper wearing unfamiliar clothes surrounded by people who look so comfortable in their suits and shoes. I probably hadn’t worn proper shoes for 5 years!
After 5 years of working in finance I was no longer intimidated by suits. In fact at an industry event I looked around and saw so many men 15-20 years older than me who had clearly given up on how they looked. The suit was sufficient to look smart. It didn’t matter if the shirt was a bad fit, the tie was awful or their hair was unkempt so long as they wore the suit they had ticked the box on looking ‘business like’.
Today it feels like a second skin and to be honest I no longer feel sharp wearing a suit. It feels like putting on some old jeans and t-shirt. Not only that but a good suit hides a multitude of sins. I looked in the mirror one day and saw the 3 stone I had put on and how I was turninng into those men at the conference.
Have you ever watched Scandal?
I started watching it with the wife a couple of years ago and she would not stop going on about how good Tony Goldwin, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, looked for a man in his 50’s. When I say kept going on about it I mean there wasn’t an episode that went by where she wouldn’t comment on how good looking he was, how he’d age so well and looked amaizing. It made me feel a little bad for being overweight, unfit and out of fashion trends.
I made a decision that I would age well.
I wouldn’t settle for being ok with the suit hiding my unfit comfortable self.
So I promised my self I would age well. I’m not a bad looking guy and I knew that with a little effort, some regular excercise and a little bit of educating I could become someone who looked ‘good’. Not model good, not fashionable good but good.
I’m still learning about clothes and fashion. But my interest is piqued.
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misterhawkesNot my strongest suit