Implementing Get Things Done – David Allen

by misterhawkes on February 1, 2016

Over the past few years I have been on a mission to become more productive, more organised and get more done. I have read myriad productivity books and never managed to successful get on top of things. That was until I read David Allen’s Get Thing Done. GTD has transformed my life!

There are plenty of reviews on the internet and I couldn’t possibly add more to the subject than those but I will share with you my experience.

There are two elements that for me are of paramount importance with GTD.

  1. The weekly review
  2. Emptying your head

If you implemented these two things alone you would see massive improvements in so many area of life.

I do my weekly review religiously. I gather all my thoughts on all my projects and business and organised them. It takes about 2 hours which is a significant investment but with my week planned, organised and prioritized I find myself with a clear head to then work and be productive without the constant interruptions my brain brings.

As part of my weekly review I incorporate my financial review. Wizz through what we’ve spent and becomce intentional about the next weeks spending. This helps keep us on track towards the wealth we want to build

Emptying your head is precisely that. I have dumped everything I need to do into one area. I don this consistently – whether its a new 13a fuse for the toaster or that Someday Maybe I want to do an MBA. This has reduced interruptions of my mind no end. I remember being half-way through swim training one time and suddenly into my mind pops a report I was supposed to have read for work. In the middle of a long swim session, surrounded by water, was not a great time to be reminded of this and I could do nothing to ensure I remembered after the session and could not deal with it then either. I had two choices end my session or hope I remembered at a more convenient time.

These days if something does pop into my mind I know it’s already stored somewhere and I can attend to it when I am in the right place at the right time.

If you ask people who have known me for a long time they would tell you the transforming impact this has had on me. I get more done on time, I am more on top of what is going on and being on top of things was the start of my journey to freedom.


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misterhawkesImplementing Get Things Done – David Allen

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