Getting back in my groove

by misterhawkes on March 23, 2017

So I’ve been gone a while. We’ve had lots going on behind the scenes and blogging just fell by the way side.

We have made progressed reducing debts but aren’t much further on with investments. Partly due to my car dying and needing a replacement. In the end I went with a Personal Contract Purchase because I need a decent car for my work where image is important and it was the lowest cost way of getting a great car.

Where we’ve been good this last 12 months is in the discipline of weekly reviews, tracking our todos and trying to get on the same page financially.

We’re hoping to move house soon and work towards building passive income streams, investment income and continue growing income thorugh the businesses we run.


I’m going to be writing more going forward and hopefully will have some exciting projects to reveal over the coming months.

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misterhawkesGetting back in my groove