The Sweet Lure Of Chocolate

by misterhawkes on February 19, 2016

Chocolate. There are few foods that people feel as passionate about — a passion that goes beyond a love for some. At the end of very checkout at every supermarket there are rows upon rows of chocolate. I’m salivating even as I write.

Why do they put them right by the checkout? Because whilst I am stood there bored waiting for the queue to move I stare at the piles of lovely chocolate and just as I become next in line I break and grab one. Wolfing it down on my way back to the car.

Overcoming impulse eating is tough. There are several dieting shows on TV that get people to keep a food diary for a week and then they show them the food they consumed without even being aware they were consuming.

Retailers have taken impulse shopping to new heights over the last 5-10 years. Making it more and more convenient to buy on impulse and not think about what we are spending. Up-sells, cross-sells and add-on sales. One-click purchases meaning we spend money before we even know what we are doing sometimes.

I’m waking up and become conscious of our spending at the moment and realizing how much we spend without recognizing we are spending.

Ocne we are awake to it we are then faced with a choice. Embrace the spending because we value that or stop it because it is stopping us doing things that are actually far more important to us.


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misterhawkesThe Sweet Lure Of Chocolate