Make Money Spending Money

by misterhawkes on April 13, 2016

Cashback sites are brilliant for making a few extra quid here and there especially on Utility or necessary purchases. If I can get £60/$85 cashback on a car insurance or home insurance that I have to have anyway and still save money on the premiums it’s a no brainer! How about £80/$100 to switch energy provider? This is free money for things that I would have purchased anyway and all it takes is a quick search of their site prior to purchase.

The other time I use this is if I am buying anything online as they often do % cashback on wide variety of websites. Recently we have been through what I call ‘Flowers’ season in the UK. Mother’s day and Valentines day come within matter of weeks and that means at least four bunches of flowers. I managed to buy beautiful flowers for my wife for Valentines day and my Mother and Mother-in-law for Mothers day and of course flowers for my wife from my kids for mothers day to. The bonus is I got 25% cashback on them and they were no more expensive than I would have bought anyway. I tend to make about £200 a year through cash back sites so it’s not life changing but it is extra money I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I use a cash back in the UK called Quidco which I have found very reliable for the past 4 years in processing payments and dealing with any issues with non-tracked claims etc.

I’ve arranged for anyone signing up via this site to get £5 just for signing up!

Just follow this link

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misterhawkesMake Money Spending Money