Hustle for my bike upgarde

by misterhawkes on March 7, 2016

I am now a second year triathlete. I am not very good but I really enjoy it.

In my first year I bought a decent but entry level bike. Full carbon frame but the Shimano 105 Groupset with some bottem end wheels.

I really wanted to upgrade but a good set of wheels is easily £500 and the Dura-Ace groupset I wanted starts at £900. Thats a whole lot of money for a hobby. Especially when I want to save money and pay down debt.

So I thought to myself how can I hustle my way to the upgrade?

I started looking around on ebay for a bike with decent wheels and the groupset I wanted and found one for £1600. It had a really good frame, excellent wheels and the 11s Dura-Ace groupset I was after.

So I bought it!

I then had someone strip both my bike nd the new bike down and put the good stuff on my old frame and began to sell off the old stuff.

To date I have made £1132 selling off the spare bits and now have some full-carbon wheels worth £1000 and the Dura-Ace groupset worth £900 on my bike for a net spend of £468.

By normal standards this is a success and I’m really pleased but I’m not finished yet. 

I’m going to try and hustle my way to the final £468 of the upgrade by doing a little more trading in the bike world.

Making hobbies pay is something instaleld in me by my father who was always doing a bit of dealing to make extra money from his hobbies and something I have done from time to time.

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misterhawkesHustle for my bike upgarde