My Triathlon Journey to Health and Happiness

by misterhawkes on April 25, 2016

Watching Non Stanford win the ITU World Series in Cape Town over the weekend reminded me of my own Triathlon journey and the impact it has had on my discipline and energy in many other areas of my life.

I was always sporty – playing football, rugby, basketball, cricket, swimming, athletics and more as a child but as time went by and I got older I got LAZY.

Then I switched to a sedentary job and the weight crept up on me. Then one night after the commonwealth games in 2014 I was drinking with my brothers and we got discussing the Brownlee Brothers and triathlon. My rivalry with my brothers is very similar and we are constantly finding ways to compete with each other and so we again started debating who would win in a Triathlon out of all of us.

I’m the best swimmer, one brother is a runner and another cycles a lot. Interesting discussion led, after much whisky and bravado to a pact to compete at a local Triathlon event.

I started training soon after, have since become a bit of an addict and am working towards competing in an IronMan.

One thing Triathlon requires is discipline but for a purpose. I’ve never managed to be ‘on it’ with my food – I love eating too much but when you start training 6 hours a week in multiple disciplines and you read about how every 1kg in cycling is worth 2 seconds every 100m up hill it starts to impact your thinking about nutrition and food. If I am carrying an extra 12kg in weight through bad eating habits I can knock 30 seconds per 100m up hill.

Even more crazy is the time savings when running! 4kg would knock 1m 48s off of my 10k.

If I can get significant improvements in speed and endurance simply through having better nutrition then my food discipline is worth hours of training.

This same logic can be applied to my financial goals. If I am willing to put in hours more work to earn an extra £100 net of tax then surely by limiting my frivolous spending by £100 is worth hours.

Am I willing to work for X hours to eat out again this month?

Sure it saves me 15 minutes cooking but costs me more than that in additional work!

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misterhawkesMy Triathlon Journey to Health and Happiness